Abstract Submissions Closed but Please Submit your PowerPoint or Poster JPG as an ATTACHMENT to your Original Abstract Submission.

Abstracts to the NACTA Journal FastTrack system for the 2017 NACTA Conference, June 28 - July 1 at Purdue University. This year's theme is "INnovation, IN Learning, IN the Heartland."

Please NO PDFs! Submit MS Word files.

Your 250 word abstract should be a concise summary of factual information and not simply a general description of what the author plans to present. A high-quality abstract contains the following key elements (without designating them as such):

  1. a brief introduction, including objectives of the presentation
  2. relevant experimental conditions indicating the scope of study or survey (authors of predominately philosophical works may substitute other appropriate criteria)
  3. observations, results, or data (however, data should be in summary form and not presented in tables or graphs) - philosophical abstracts must demonstrate application of said philosophy
  4. a concise summary.

Also, include the title and the authors and their contact information at the top of the abstract (not part of the 250 words). 

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